I am interested in how opposites can work together (or not) in a single structure and/or 2-d space. Examples of this might be combining both trash and natural elements together in a bouquet of sorts, like how flowers might be arranged. Other times the work might take on hard angles that land next to soft edges (organic/inorganic elements) in an attempt to create a harmonized environment.

I’m interested in creating art that engages this conversation visually. Words often don’t get me there. I see/use images and forms in an attempt to create a visual balance in an increasingly polarized world. With this being said, I allow my work to take on different forms, from sculptural to 2-d, whatever will help me visually investigate this particular thought process.

My work usually tends to be quiet instead of loud with color or form. My intention is for the viewer to find a sense of stillness in just looking without verbally labeling, which I find to be a hard thing to do in our over-sensory culture. My wish is to get out of my “head” and into my “heart.” I find my work helps me to get there. Maybe others will see/feel that as well.