My work takes shape in the form of drawings of everyday objects carrying the idea of a physical weight of experience. My intension is to convey material objects (i.e. clothespins, safety pins, Christmas lights etc.) as an unfolding experience for the viewer.  One goal is for the work to unravel in front of the viewer offering a sense of renewal, harmony and contradiction, where things are built and deconstructed simultaneously.

The work relies on the intensity of obsession and the passage of time. Time is noticed, ignored and felt through a series of aftermath equations that encompass the human experience, constantly oscillating between daily contradictions that set up binaries that may never fit together.

For me, one cannot experience renewal without deconstruction. Nature is juxtaposed with manufactured structures. My work attempts to expose conceptual contradictions, consciousness and unconsciousness and the conflicts of daily life through the passage of time.

The obsessive quality of this work is simultaneously absurd and meditative. In this way, I am utilizing ‘time’ through the manipulation of materials to respond to the complexity of our individual and collective experience.

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